About Us

Thanks for connecting, my name is Gloria and I’m an Independent Miessence/ONEgroup Representative, Procurement Professional and Owner of Clean Life Organics in Australia.

I’m also a mum to 2 adult children, nana to 4 grandchildren, and fur baby mum to Millie Bear a cavoodle.  I’m down to earth, caring and nature loving.

I’m passionate about holistic health and natural, toxin-free & environmentally safe personal products which led me on this path.

I created this blog to share Miessence Certified Organics in a way to help, inspire & support other people looking for healthier options on their wellness journey.

Our Miessence products are certified organic, made fresh monthly and delivered direct to your door from our Australian warehouse in Queensland where they are produced. If you don’t live in Australia, no worries you can place an order from most countries in the world and delivery won’t cost more than AU $9.95, how cool is that?

It’s our choice to ensure what we are putting on the largest organ of our body (our skin), is not a cocktail of toxic chemicals if we want to take care of our health


Disclaimer: This blog is based on my own personal experiences, opinions and research.