Ingredient Watch – Choosing Safer Personal Products

How can you tell whether the personal products you use everyday contain chemicals that could harm you and your children? Just think of how many products you use a day, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, make up, hair spray, just to name a few…… how many chemicals are being layered on your skin day after day, after day?

Unfortunately there is plenty of deception and greenwashing in the health & beauty industry, many manufacturers claim their products to be natural or organic or both, but are NOT, how do you tell?  Personal care products are not required to comply to the same stringent labelling standards that govern organic foods, so it’s easy for some companies to label their products as ’natural or ‘organic’. They are allowed to get away with it, maybe one day the laws will change.

Once you begin to start checking product ingredients, you’ll realise some are a far cry from being truly, organic, healthy or environmentally friendly at all!  For example, water is the primary ingredient in many cosmetics, so some manufacturers use ‘organic aqueous infusions’ which are just very watered down teas in their ingredients to mislead customers into thinking they’re organic, while still using the same synthetic toxic ingredients that would NEVER be permitted in organic food products!  This greenwashing has the potential to destroy consumer confidence in organic products.

Click HERE for a full listing of ingredients Miessence’s uses in their products.  All ingredients are disclosed on our shop website for each individual product. You will find all ingredients are clean, natural and non-toxic.

If you’d like to know more about the chemicals that could be lurking in your personal products, I’d like to help you to learn with a few of these handy resources.

  1. Miessence Toxic Ingredient Glossary – This information has been sourced from Material Safety Data Sheets (or MSDS), recognised as the international standard for providing safety information about chemical ingredients used by humans.
  2. The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion App – This app is based on the international best-selling book The Chemical Maze written by Bill Statham.  I have this on app on my iphone and find it so useful, you just type in the ingredient and it gives you user friendly ratings for the risk level.  It’s very easy, fast and simple to use.
  3. EWG’S Cosmetic Data Base – EWG provides information on personal care product ingredients from the published scientific literature, to supplement incomplete data available from companies and the government. The ratings below indicate the relative level of concern posed by exposure to the ingredients in this product – not the product itself – compared to other product formulations. The ratings reflect potential health hazards but do not account for the level of exposure or individual susceptibility, factors which determine actual health risks, if any.
  4. Miessence Smart Shopper Guide to Cosmetic Toxins – A purse size guide to keep in your handbag or purse.  Please contact me if you would like one at

Go to your bathroom now or when you have a moment and start checking out the ingredients in your products, are they toxic?

Miessence Certification

To give you confidence, Miessence products undergo our internal quality control processes which are then all certified organic by international independent bodies.  Our products fall into one of three organic categories:

  • Certified Organic (food grade)
  • Certified Organic (cosmetic grade)
  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients (Registered Products)

Organic Certification Logos


Miessence Certificate of Compliance

Products branded with the Australian Certified Organic Logo are certified organic to food grade.

These products contain (excluding water and salt) at least 95% organically produced agricultural ingredients. The remaining ingredients (up to 5%) can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals.


Miessence Certificate of Compliance

Products bearing the ACO/IFOAM logo (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) meet all of the requirements of ACO certification in addition to the standards set by IFOAM. IFOAM is the worldwide umbrella organisation for the organic movement, uniting more than 750 member organisations in 108 countries.


Miessence Certificate of Compliance

Products bearing the USDA logo (United States Department of Agriculture) meet all of the requirements of standards of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The USDA National Organic Program accredits private businesses, organisations, and state agencies to certify producers and handlers of agricultural products according to NOP regulations.


Miessence organic cosmetic products contain more than 70% certified organic ingredients. The remaining percentage (up to 30%) must be naturally produced plant or mineral products with strict processing criteria, (e.g. absolutely no GMOs or synthetic chemicals) or products of green chemistry. These products bear the ACO Organic Cosmetic xx% logo. 


Miessence Certificate of Compliance

Products branded BFA Registered Product are mineral based products with a small percentage of organic ingredients.  These are non-agricultural substances (e.g, clay, bicarb soda, minerals) or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. absolutely no GMOs or synthetic chemicals). These products otherwise are natural, conform to the general stipulations of the organic standards of the world and are deemed the ‘best in their class’.