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Happi Earth Laundry Liquid

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Imagine if your dirty clothes could help save the environment!

Introducing a certified organic laundry liquid that makes a difference! 🍃
1 purchase = 1 🌳 planted!

  • Planting mangrove trees
  • Reducing plastic waste
  • Creating a greener earth
  • Protecting the oceans

Join the Happi earth movement with a purchase of HAPPI Laundry Liquid

On average approx 13 plastic bottles of laundry liquid are purchased every year per household. That’s 13,000 plastic bottles for every thousand households going into our environment each year….wow that is whole heap of unnecessary waste!

The Happi pouch is made from paper and has a fine plastic (manufactured from non toxic technologies) layer so it does not leak and comes with a stainless steel refillable bottle.

Ingredients Organic concentrated soapberry nut, Organic Ethanol, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Orange Essential oil

Super concentrated soap nut that is achieved through first freezing the nuts then under high pressure dehydrating. This creates a high concentration that dissolves in water much like instant coffee leaving no minute particles.