Reduce Plastic In Your Life

Let’s do our best to be kind to our planet and make a conscious effort to help end plastic pollution.  Plastics are ending up in our oceans and threatening survival of our planet.  This is heartbreaking, it’s injuring and killing marine life, disrupting human hormones, littering our landscapes, waterways and beaches. Some of this plastic may travel to the ocean through our storm drains and plastic micro-beads in some exfoliation products through our shower drains.

As the plastics break apart in the ocean they release potentially toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) which can be absorbed into the marine animals body. This can have a disastrous effect on the human food chain.

Did you know just one plastic bag can kill numerous sea life because they take so long to disintegrate?  As the marine animal dies and decomposes the bag is then released for another to fall victim.

Facts: 100,000 marine creatures die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found & approximately 1 million seabirds die from plastic.


  • Use a reusable cup for takeaway coffee when out and about or at work
  • Switch to reusable shopping and grocery bags and remember to take them with you when shopping (keep them in your car).
  • Say NO to plastic straws or cutlery, bring your own reusable bamboo cutlery or glass or stainless steel straw
  • When out take filtered or tap water in a reusable drink container and skip the plastic bottled water
  • Use a biodegradable toothbrush not plastic, there are some great bamboo ones available
  • Avoid cling wrap and pack school/work lunches and leftovers in a reusable container
  • Buy detergents in boxes rather than conventional plastic bottles
  • Buy food in glass jars rather than conventional plastic
  • Avoid plastics that contain BPA and cannot be 100% recycled
  • Up-cycle old unwanted items rather than discard, giveaway or sell on Gumtree so they are reused
  • Buy non packaged bulk foods
  • Pick up litter especially near the beach and waterways

Resource statistics – Ocean

Note: Miessence takes the environment seriously, polypropylene packaging is used which is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals and is light to transport. They also use vacuum technology to ensure no wastage of product.


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