Why Choose Miessence Products?

  • ✅ Australian Made & Owned
  • ✅ Natural Ingredients
  • ✅ Certified Organic by ACO
  • ✅ Cruelty Free
  • ✅ Vegan
  • ✅  No GMO’s
  • ✅ No Parabens
  • ✅ No Sulphates
  • ✅ No Silicones
  • ✅ No Toxic Synthetics
  • ✅ 100% Active Ingredients
  • ✅ Cold Formulation
  • ✅ Recyclable Packaging
  • ✅ Bulk Discounts
  • ✅ Free Consultations
  • ✅ Clean Life Organics Offer a Generous Welcome Discount off your 1st Order!  Contact us for your exclusive promo code @ cleanlifeorganics@bigpond-com

The purity, potency and freshness of the absolutely natural ingredients will blow your mind. Nothing artificial or naturally derived here, just real food ingredients from plants, seeds, leaves & flowers and minerals from the earth.  Only natural preservatives are used and Miessence have third party certification by Australian Certified Organic so you know the products are safe and cruelty free.

We’ve conducted extensive research and It’s unique to have found a brand that can actually back up their claims of using natural ingredients. We’ve been fooled by many so called ‘natural brands’ in the past (before we knew how to read ingredients correctly) with their slick advertising and false claims, we call these lies greenwashing.  Miessence are the real deal, a truly ethical company and they care about the environment.

We’re very passionate about natural products and holistic health and have experienced true health and wellness benefits with Miessence products.

Most of you may be reading this because you have already switched or are thinking to switch to natural products to avoid those toxic products that can cause cancer, disrupt hormones, create allergic reactions and generally are not good for your health or maybe you are just wanting to learn more.

Maybe you have problems with allergic reactions to personal products, skin sensitivity, skin problems, acne, gut issues, feeling rundown, feeling exhausted, need to detox, don’t get enough greens? You want to find non-toxic & safe formulations? You are in the right space.

We know that chemicals in personal products can and do enter our bloodstream, it only takes 26 seconds!  Think of those nicotine patches to quit smoking or pain relief patches, these enter our bloodstream faster through our skin than ingesting them.

You can purchase all of the Miessence products using our Miessence shop link Clean Life Organics and if you plan to purchase more than a few products head over to the Discounts Page HERE to check out how to get yourself the absolute best discounts.  You can receive up to 40% off your bulk order, the more you order the more you save.

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